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Lace closure wigs have gained unmatched popularity in recent years. Celebrities, social media influencers, and regular individuals have all been seen wearing them. People wear them not only for special occasions but also in everyday life. From the invisible hairline to the different styles to pick from, lace closure wigs have many advantages.

However, this rise in the use of closure wigs has piqued the interest of many people. People have many questions about these wigs since they don’t want to make any errors while trying them on. So, this article has been written to alleviate your concerns. This page mostly addresses your concerns about applying, styling, and securing your lace closure wig. Now, let’s get started!

What Is A Lace Closure Wig?

A lace closure wig is a hand-sewn hairpiece that blends in seamlessly with the weave. Wearing a lace closure wig allows you to complete your look while also protecting the hair below it. This wig is made out of a lase base with hand-tied synthetic or human hair. Because of their versatility, these wigs are quite popular among women.

Why Do You Need A Lace Closure Wig?

Many women favor lace closure wigs because of their natural appearance. These wigs are designed to look like a natural part of your hair while also protecting and allowing your natural hair to breathe. They not only have smooth textures but also let you part your hair to any side.

In comparison to other full wigs, lace closure wigs require less maintenance. This is one of the primary reasons why so many people choose this kind of wig. These wigs are much safer because they allow you to complete your style without causing damage to your natural hair. They also last longer. What more could you ask for in a wig?

How Do You Take Care Of Your Lace Closure Wigs?

Lace closure wigs should be handled with care. Even though they appear to be the actual scalp, they cannot be treated as such. Each strand of hair is placed on the base individually, knotted, and secured with strong glue. Hence, you must be delicate when combing the wig because of its composition. To avoid stress, always start combing at the end and work your way up to the roots.

Unlike extensions, where the hair is sewn into a bundle, hair loss is easy in these wigs. Thus, lace closure wigs must be treated with particular caution, as poor handling might result in balding.

How Long Do Lace Closure Wigs Last?

The longevity of your lace closure wig is governed by a lot of factors, including:

Lace Type

The type of lace used in your closure wig has a significant impact on the wig’s durability. Different materials have varying life spans.

Hair Material

The type of hair in your wig has an impact on how long it lasts. Some hair types are extremely delicate and prone to breakage, while others have a longer life expectancy.


The shape of your lace closure wig, whether straight or curly, is an important factor in determining how long it will last. These hairstyles necessitate certain chemical and heat treatments, which can greatly affect hair quality and longevity.


The most important factor in determining the lifespan of your wig is how you maintain and care for it. These wigs can last a long time if they are handled with exceptional caution. Neglecting these wigs, on the other hand, can result in a reduction in their lifespan.

So, if you want your wigs to last longer, take proper care of them!

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