Reasons To Invest in An Android TV Box


Initially, TVs used antennas with one or two channels. Then came the cable TV networks with multiple channels. However, nowadays, Android TV boxes are a major hype. As the name explains, Android TV boxes are boxes with an Android operating system. But why should one buy an Android top-box when they already have their phones?

That is a fair question. However, Android TV top boxes offer more than just the Android operating systems. Here are the top reasons why you won’t regret investing in an Android TV box. But before we start, check out some high-quality products on

Some Good Reasons You Should Definitely Invest in Android Tv Box


Android TV boxes may seem unbelievable, but they prove more cost-effective than cable connections.

Most cable rents are 150$ or above, and there is no guarantee that the weather won’t disrupt the services. In comparison, Android TV boxes are more reliable as you can watch your favorite content from your comfort zone and save some bucks.

Wide Variety of Content

Cable networks are highly dependent on the geographical location of the user. If you live in a rural or less populated area, it is likely possible that your cable provider will not provide a wide range of channels. Yes, on-demand channels are available, but they naturally increase the monthly dues of the users.

Moreover, the quality of the transmitted media highly depends upon the population and locational inclinations.

Contrastingly, Android TV boxes offer higher video resolutions like Ultra HD, Full HD, and 4K for crystal clear quality.

Access To Netflix

Everyone wants the “Netflix” logo to appear on their TV screens. However, with a traditional cable network subscription, it is impossible. Since the Netflix application is available on Google Play Store, you can easily download it and watch everything from the top 10 seasons to Big Laughs!

Accessing Social Medias

Have you ever scrolled your Facebook feed on a TV screen? It’s a feeling like nothing else. Unlike cables, Android TV boxes allow you to use all social media platforms on your TV. Additionally, you can shop, send emails, have online video calls, and do all other online activities.

Wireless Accessories Connections

Regular TV watching doesn’t require wireless peripherals like a mouse and keywords. However, you will need all the comfort you can get if you are a gaming enthusiast. Android TV boxes feature Bluetooth connectivity for connecting multiple accessories and devices, a plus for the gaming community.

Internet Browsing

Android boxes allow you to browse the internet like regular Android phones. You can pull your favorite YouTube video on your TV effortlessly. Since accessing the internet makes your devices prone to viruses, these top boxes also have built-in security to prevent significant damage.

Wrap Up

Android TV boxes are like your Android phones maximized to a TV screen. Although the initial costs are somewhat high, they provide more value and cost-effectiveness compared to cable networks in the long run.

Purchasing an Android TV top box is an excellent option as it wipes away all the worries about accessibility and quality. Your Android TV top box will work magnificently as long as your Wi-Fi remains at its best.

But since they have relatively high costs, it is best to look for a fitting CPU, RAM, maximum video resolution, etc., so you can make a happy purchase.

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