Troubleshooting Problems with an inverter pool heat pump


Do you own a swimming pool, or are you looking forward to making one? Well, one of the things you might need to consider is having a heat pump for the pool. The purpose of the inverter pool heat pump work is to ensure you have maximum comfort during your moments in your swimming pool. Like any other technical equipment, this swimming pool pump can develop problems and fail to function as required. Under such instances, what do you do? Read on and get tips on troubleshooting your pool heat pump.

Pool Heat Pumps and How to Troubleshoot them

The following are some of the common issues you might experience with your pool heat pump.

A leaking Pool Heat Pump

Sometimes, you may notice some leakages in your pool heat pump. This issue can affect the effectiveness of the equipment and lead to poor functioning. The reason for this could be either water leaking from any connection within the pump, or it could be the water leaking as a result of condensation during the heating process, which is normal.

If the issue is within the pump’s connection, then you have to get a professional to fix it. However, the best way to differentiate between the two scenarios is to turn the pump off with the filtration system on. Should the water puddle evaporate, then you can leave it. But if the puddle doesn’t evaporate, it means there is leakage, and at this point, you need to use the pool test strip to confirm whether to call a professional or not.

When the pool heat pump doesn’t run or even turn on

Can you imagine turning on your pool heat pump without any positive results? Or the situation when the pool heat pump won’t run? This might not be a big deal, and you only need to confirm the unit is well-plugged in and that the circuit breaker is okay and not tripped. So, you will have to switch the pool heat pump off for safety purposes, then restart it again.

Again, you need to check any possible obstructions. Some areas can easily clog the dirt, which can complicate the operation of the pump. So, always confirm the valves are well-positioned and that the filter and pump baskets are free from any form of dirt.

A running pool heat pump but not heating the pool

The purpose of the pool heat pump is to heat up the pool. However, what if it’s running but not heating the pool? The possible reasons for this could be:

Very low ambient air temperatures- Because of temperatures below 50C, some pumps will automatically fail to heat the pool because of high humidity in the air. Under such circumstances, you will need to consider an inverpad heat pool that has turbo technology that can operate even in winter.

Another reason for this problem could be a lack of sufficient and constant water flow. This is because heat pumps work effectively under a specific water flow. So, always ensure the valves are fully open and the filters clean to facilitate sufficient and constant water flow the enable the heating process.


You can expect any issues with your heat pump. However, the following are the most common issues many people experience. Don’t always rush to the professionals without trying to fix the issue, as explained in this article.

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