Buying FUT coins Online – A Guide


FIFA series is no doubt one of the most demanded and oldest soccer game and is available on various consoles. You might be aware that the real-life soccer heroes and their names and jerseys are one of the biggest reasons for its popularity.

Now what’s the FUT, if you’re a newbie this question might come in your mind, but if you’re a pro player, you probably will be aware of it. FIFA Ultimate Team is a gaming mode allowing you to choose and select players and create your own unique team. It also allows you to choose your own playing techniques and much more. In short, you’re your own Master. Here’s the catch, in order to achieve all those, you rely on your FUT coins which allows you to buy many moves, players, jerseys and much more.

The other question might be “how to buy fut coins?” The answer’s right here, read the guide till the end and you’ll be aware of all the details to keep in mind.

Buying FUT coins:

Choosing a reliable platform or a webshop for buying can be a bit much of a task. You should research and rely on the platform’s ratings and take an action.

1. Login:

Now when you’ve selected a trusted trader, visit the buying page and login to your FIFA account. Then you’ll be asked to choose what coins you want to buy, choose FIFA 22 or 23 or whatever your preferences are. Then it’ll ask for your console type, if you’re a PS5 player select PS5, and similar for all the other types.

2. Enter Amount:

Before deciding to buy, makeup your mind on how much money you’re willing to spend or how much coins you need and then enter the amount you want to buy and select it from the list of options. Once you’ve selected a bundle click on the BUY NOW option.

3. Payment Method:

Once you’ve clicked the BUY NOW option, you’ll be taken to Payment section, here you’ll have to choose on which kind of payment method you’re going to use. Select the Preferred payment method and click on CHECKOUT.

4. Transfer Coins:

Now that you’ve paid successfully go to your member center and tap on GET COINS. Here you’ll have to find and choose TRANSFER COINS option.

5. Comfort Trade:

After selecting the TRANSFER COINS options, select the “COMFORT TRADE” which allows you to transfer coins faster.

6. Fill out the Details:

It’ll then ask you for your account information, fill out each detail and SUBMIT it. This might take some time in verifying your account.

7. Track Delivery:

After verifying, you can track easily track down your delivery, chances are that you’ll receive them in 24 hrs.

Final Word:

A word of caution is to not to login your account during the delivery. Although selecting a reliable web shop can be a bit much of a task, it is really important to find the most reliable ones, or it may lead to loss of money!

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