Why Are Tennis Skirts So Popular?


Tennis skirts and preppy crew-neck sweaters or polo shirts have been a popular combination among TikTokers, who have been getting into the spirit of things by donning white socks and low-top sneakers with their outfits.

Those not interested in honing their serves can wear the skirts with a loose-fit top and tuck it into the skirt’s waistband using the French tuck method for a more relaxed look. Alternatively, you may add a crate ribbed tank top similar to the ones that were fashionable during the fall/winter 2022 fashion shows.

“The tennis skirt is a design classic that since the ’60s and has stayed just as popular,” says Alex Eagle, who have introduced a new collection of athletic white pieces under her eponymous label. Eagle is the designer behind the collection.

“The tennis skirt has stayed just as wanted,” Eagle says. “I believe that its enduring appeal is a direct result of its understated yet sophisticated silhouette. It is also the ideal justification for donning something that is a little flirtatious and short.

How Popular Are Tennis Skirts?

The tennis skirt has captivated our attention and won’t let go, no matter what length it is: maxi, micro, or everything in between. In addition to exploding in popularity across all available social media platforms, this look has also been adopted by a large number of firms within the past few years.

What accounts for this widespread appeal? Tennis skirts have a wider range of applications than you might initially imagine. (Really!) Depending on how it is styled, this silhouette can give the impression of being either preppy, athletic, grungy, or flirtatious (pretty just about any aesthetic, to be honest).

Are you trying to channel your cool inner girl while wearing sexytennis skirt? Afterwards, round off the outfit by donning a pair of stylish sunglasses. Or do you like a look that combines athletics?

Then an effective sports bra is an absolute necessity for the finest choice. And naturally, sweater jackets and oversize blazers are both tried-and-true options for enhancing the look of a tennis skirt outfit.

How Should Tennis Skirts Be Styled?

This outfit, which was put together by Coco Bassey, a member of the Coterie, is an excellent example of a casual style that isn’t overly aggressive or childish. You don’t even have to wear a t-shirt or trainers the same color as your skirt if you don’t want to.

Alter things up by donning a grey sports tee with a vintage style and a black T-shirt that features your favorite band’s logo. To keep things breezy and uncomplicated, accessorize with a straightforward crossbody bag with a chain strap and little jewelry made of gold or silver.

Combine And Contrast Dark Colors for A Sophisticated Appearance

If you want to attempt something that is a bit more low-key, consider a black or navy colorized version of the mini and combine it with a top that is the same shade as the skirt. Bright white shorts can feel incredibly exciting and flirtatious.

The end effect is a style with an air of sophistication comparable to that of a slight black dress. To maintain that elegant atmosphere, complete your look with a compact and streamlined handbag, as well as loafers and simple sneakers that do not have platforms or bulky soles.

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