Is Android mini PC Worth buying?


An Android Mini pc is basically, a mini computer that runs on the Android operating system. These devices are typically smaller than a traditional desktop or laptop computer. Starting from $50, they offer a variety of features, making them ideal for use as a media center, web browser, or general-purpose computing device.

Android Mini PC’s typically come with various ports and connections that allow them to be used with a wide range of peripherals, including HDMI displays, USB keyboards and mice, and micro SD cards. These mini-computers have high-speed processors starting from 1 GB of ram and 8 GB or more space to store data. Many of these devices also support Bluetooth, allowing them to wirelessly connect to compatible devices such as headphones, speakers, and game controllers.

Reasons Why Is an Android Mini Pc Worth Buying

Below are the best uses of Android PC

Media Center

Android Mini pc can be your best media center, supporting 1080p resolution. So sit back & relax by controlling your smart mini pc with a wireless keyboard; enjoy the YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Store, etc.

Moreover, the device allows you to play music using multiple applications such as Spotify or Pandora and browse social media.

Serving Files

If you need to share or transfer, media among individuals, especially at home, the Android Mini pc lets you work as a private file server. You can also share web tools on the Local area network by running a local web server. Moreover, connecting the external dongle and storage drive with mini android provides more flexibility in less price.

Furthermore, the device can let you do intra-networking as well. Therefore, for example, you can control and play media from another pc on the same local network.

Gaming Console

You do not need to buy an expensive gaming stick because the affordable android Mini pc also serves as a gaming console, which is a plus for gamers.

In addition, the Dual-core Android Mini pc easily affords to play high-resolution games such as Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas and Asphalt 8- Airborne. However, you can expect more from the latest quad-core generation mini devices.


Although the Android Mini pc is designed to run the Android OS, it can also afford to run ubuntu and desktop Linux OS. Therefore, it can access various applications, and you can expect more productivity from the android pc.

Therefore, a mini pc keeps your data secure as it has the entire operating system. However, spyware can steal your data and password within the offices or outside, such as in internet cafes.

Nevertheless, the android pc keeps the whole environment secure, making your media and application safe.

Live Video Conferencing

Just connect the Android Mini pc with a compatible android webcam and enjoy live video conferencing. Then, install the required software, such as Skype or Google meet, and let the device connect you with loved ones. The small smart device is perfect for a live video experience.

Final Words

Briefly, Android Mini pcs are a great way to get more use out of your older devices. But they can also be a great investment if you’re looking for something that will do most of the work for you. The device is the best option with the portable feature, from networking to playing media and editing documents.

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