Types Of Curly Hair Bundles you Should Know Of


Many people create curls in their natural hair using a curling iron or hair rollers. These products create attractive curly hair bundles and increase hair volume. This has made curling a popular hair styling tip. However, your natural hair is not the only hair that can possess curls. The market features a wide range of curly bundles and curly wigs. Most people are ignorant of the fact that there are different types of curls. This post looks at the various types of curly hair bundles.

Types of curly hair bundles

Choosing a curly wig would help to know the various types of curly hair bundles and what separates them. Below are the standard types of curls;

1.      Type 2 curly hair bundles

These are commonly known as wavy hair bundles. The texture in this place ranges between straight and curly. Type 2 curly hair usually lays flat and straight against the hair root. However, it falls in a traditional S curl pattern. These curls are easy to achieve with a curling iron. This type can be divided further into three sub-types.

The first one is Type 2A, which naturally features loosely tousled hair texture. The waves of this type are usually found at the end. The second and third are types 2B and 2C. The former features more defined waves starting at the mid-length of the hair, and the hair is usually thicker. On the other hand, the latter features waves that start at the root and have a more defined S wave. The hair is also generally thicker and frizzier.

2.      Type 3 curly bundles

This is the standard type of curly hair bundle. When people think of curly hair, the image that comes to their mind is mostly hair with type 3 curls. These curls range from loose and fluffy to defined or deep and bouncy. Hair bundles with type 3 curls are naturally not shiny, bouncy, and feature a lot of volume and body. There are also three subcategories of type 3 curly hair; 3A, 3B, and 3C. The first one features looser curls, while the second and third have more profound or defined curls.

3.      Type 4 curly hair bundles

This type features more tightly coiled than the former. They either form an S, O, Z shape. While they are attractive to look at, they are more prone to shrinkage and drying, requiring more maintenance. Type 4 curly hair also features three subcategories; A, B, and C. The depth of the curls increases from A to B to C.

Other categories of curly bundles

Curly wigs can also be categorized into the following types;

  • Loose wave- these curls are usually less defined and longer
  • Deep wave- these curls are more defined, tighter, and more prone to shrinking
  • Loose deep waves- they are the middle ground between loose wave and deep wave curls


When choosing between the different types of curls, it would be wise to consider their ease of maintenance. Naturally, wigs with type 3 curls are harder to maintain. However, they hold their curls longer than the rest.

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